The Asamkirche is my favorite church, primary because it’s unique.  It first caught my attention as I walked by one night because the colors of the stones on the front were so bright among all the stucco facades.

In the early 1700s, the Asam brothers bought three consecutive buildings on Sendlingerstraße in order to build a private church for themselves. The middle building was demolished to make way for the church while the brothers lived in the building to the South (aptly named Asamhaus) and the North building was reserved for a priest.

The church itself is quite small compared to others in the area. It is made up of one main room, only 8 meters across.

The inside of the church is very dark, and because of the old style and business or the design, it is almost eery. These photos are misleadingly bright.

The church was built in three layers: darkest at the bottom to symbolize worldly suffering, somewhat lighter in the middle as a place for the king, while the top is illuminated by natural light as a dedication to God.

The facade on the front of the church is shared by Asamhaus, the building to the South (left), though the church itself ends just past the doorway.

The church is so beautiful that the citizens of Munich demanded it be made public and the brothers were forced to consent.,_Munich


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