Volterra and a Tuscan Sunset

I can’t believe I never got around to posting these photos. One of our best trips in Italy was to Volterra. We rode in Laura’s car and watched the landscape pass by as stormed clouds moved in.

Volterra is one of countless tiny, walled cities on top of a mountain in Tuscany, and could, perhaps, be considered boring, but it is so beautiful.

From the top of the mountain at the edge of town, one can see the neighboring cities, potential attackers, and a Roman amphitheater, of all things. Daniel and I found ourselves frequently asking during the trip what big piles of stone and brick were. Because these piles (ranging from actual piles to crumbling towers to seemingly stable structures) are so common across the landscape, it usually didn’t occur to Stefano or Laura to point out things like well-preserved Roman baths or amphitheaters: “Oh yeah, this is a typical Roman amphitheater…”

We got wet that day in one of a series of daily summer storms. The rained poured intensely before quickly subsiding and making way for this:


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