La Taqueria Milagros

Now that Burrito & Co. opened just down the street, the ongoing hunt for Mexican-ish food has become less urgent, but Daniel and I did make the trek to Isartor recently for some tacos at the super-hip Taqueria Milagros.

Though it’s on a, let’s say, unassuming corner, the interior is really inviting — a nice respite from the sidewalk along the ring.

We really should have gone earlier! The service was friendly, and the food is fantastic. We ordered chicken, duck, and steak tacos; chips and pico; and a watermelon agua fresca. The duck was a bit sweeter than I’d like in a taco, but everything else was spot on. Milagros does a great job with the details: there is a choice of flour or corn tortillas, green and red sauces on the tables, and a wedge of lime with each taco.

And unlike other business establishments I’ve seen in Munich, Milagros has a nice bathroom: a full-sized, decorated room — not the standard modular deal — with hot water and everything!

See another review from Wählmünchnerin here.

La Taqueria Milagros

Zweibrückenstraße 9
80331 München

Open daily from 10 to 22.


One comment

  1. Titus Joseph

    Thanks for sharing your amazing trip in this blog. I’m learning so much about Germany. In fact this is my first time seeing Germany up close. Blessings to you and Daniel.

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