Christmastime is Almost Here

The temperature has plummeted and the people on the streets are doing the wintertime shuffle, hurrying by with their heads down and hands shoved as deeply as possible into their pockets. The thick cloud cover has descended, though it seems it’s never too far off. It’s funny to think that the Englischer Garten  looked like a fall magazine cover only two weeks ago, but a lot can change in two weeks.

I recently started an intensive German class to prepare for grad school applications. This was a sudden decision, and spending three hours in class every day means that some of my other projects have taken a back seat and my days feel significantly different.

Planning for holidays in a foreign country should be interesting. Daniel and I are hosting a Thanksgiving at our place where we’ll be making our first turkey.

Though I’ve been assured that no one sets up a Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas, Munich’s tree went up this week, and then the stands rolled in for the Christmas market.

Some disenchanted German friends have insisted that Munich has the worst Christmas market due to high prices and commercialization. It seems to me that if this is the worst, this Christmas is going to be amazing.


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