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El Perro de Casa Número 3

Granada, Spain

In the valley between the Albaycín and the Alhambra is the river Darro. It runs eastwards from Plaza Nueva; the road running alongside eventually crosses over and leads up the hill to the Alhambra.

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Travel Woes in Ronda

Me: I’ve only got six hours in Ronda tomorrow. It’ll probably rain or something.
My Bunkmate: no! The weather is supposed to be good!
Me: I know. I’m just kidding.

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Blogging On The Go

So… someone managed to leave her laptop with Munich’s airport security. (I’m going to blame the excessive vehemence with which not one, not two, but three agents were going through and asking me about my stuff both before and after scanning it. The guys at Terminal D put Atlanta to shame.) I’m really banking on that being the worst mistake I make.

Consequently, I’ll be roughing it technology-wise for the next month, but that’s kind of in the spirit of the trip: backpacking between unknown Couchsurfing hosts, booking last-minute train reservations, and relying on the comfort of cafés and public spaces when I need to take a mid-day break (and write blog posts on my phone!). On the upside, that’s several pounds fewer on my back, and the good people of MUC will release my computer back to me for the low, low price of 27€!

So basically, things might get messy. I can only use photos take with my phone, and they won’t be edited. I can’t preview posts, and I have no idea what the formatting will look like. I’m just pushing forward and hoping for the best!


Livorno is an interesting city (first described to me as a new, pirate, Communist city). I really wish we had have had more time there. Laura suggested we go to Livorno’s beach in order to escape Pisa’s oppressive heat, but I got the impression that being there was more about not being in Pisa.

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Vienna’s Nooks and Crannies

Perhaps the best part of old European cities is the inevitable maze of narrow, cobbled-stoned alleyways. Vienna has its share of these pedestrian-only and circuitous streets; it’s almost impossible not to find them as they veer off of most main streets, but it is easy not to see them as they’re less visually imposing than the barrage of souvenir stands, cafés, and Gothic churches.

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